Figure 2.

Comparison of ReAnoCDS05 and Ensembl CDS sets based on data sources. Total numbers of ReAnoCDS05 CDS predictions in each category related to data sources are indicated within pie slices. Inner ring 12,720, number of ReAnoCDS05 CDSs with Ensembl support; inner ring 18,534, ReAnoCDS05 CDSs without Ensembl support. Outer ring slices: 2,414, perfect match between ReAnoCDS05 and Ensembl predictions; 6,275, ReAnoCDS05 CDSs that extend and/or merge Ensembl CDSs; 4,031, ReAnoCDS05 CDSs that involve major structural changes or reorganization in the overlapping Ensembl CDS(s), where Ensembl CDSs undergo combinations of boundary change, internal exon loss/gain/change, and splitting to >1 ReAnoCDS05 CDS; 4,681, novel ReAnoCDS05 CDSs with NCBI dbEST support; 3,743, novel ReAnoCDS05 CDSs without EST support but with >1 line of ab initio support; 10,110, ReAnoCDS05 CDS with only 1 line of ab initio support.

Li et al. Genome Biology 2006 7:R24   doi:10.1186/gb-2006-7-3-r24
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