Figure 6.

Movement of gap and pair rule stripe borders. Lateral orthographic projections of the mean positions of the anterior borders of eve and ftz stripes from early (4-8%) (blue), mid (26-50%) (green) and late (76-100%) (red) stage 5 cohorts, and of selected borders of gt, hb and Kr stripes from early (0-3%) (blue), mid (9-25%) (green), and late (51-75%) (red) stage 5 cohorts. The stages chosen for gap gene analysis were earlier than those for pair rule genes because, unlike pair rule mRNA, gap mRNA is rapidly down-regulated towards the end of stage 5, whereas pair rule expression increases throughout stage 5. The error boxes at each measurement point represent 95% confidence intervals for the mean in a/p and d/v directions. Anterior is to the left, dorsal is to the top. The x- and y-axes show the distance in μm from the center of embryo mass. It can be seen that most stripe borders changed spatial location during stage 5. The silhouettes of PointClouds were smaller for later stage embryos because of basal nuclear movements. Note that, for each eve and ftz stripe, the posterior stripe border shows a broadly similar movement to the anterior border, indicating that the movements observed are not principally due to the narrowing of stripes (data not shown).

Keränen et al. Genome Biology 2006 7:R124   doi:10.1186/gb-2006-7-12-r124
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