Figure 10.

gd and Tl regulate the levels of ftz stripe expression in the direction of the d/v axis. Plotted are averaged expression intensities of gene stripes for ftz in wild-type-like embryos derived from (a) gd7 heterozygous mothers, (b) dorsalized mutant embryos from gd7 homozygous mothers, (c) wild-type-like embryos from Tl10B heterozygous mothers, and (d) ventralized mutant embryos derived from Tl10B homozygous mothers. Expression intensity (y-axis) is plotted against the location along the stripe in the direction of the d/v axis as described in [12]. Each of the seven ftz stripes is shown in a different color and the error bars give the 95% confidence intervals for the means. The differences in expression seen in wild-type embryos in the direction of the d/v axis are not seen in the mutant embryos.

Keränen et al. Genome Biology 2006 7:R124   doi:10.1186/gb-2006-7-12-r124
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