Figure 2.

Basic steps in the use of the iHOP text-mining tool [40], illustrated with screenshots [42]. For a given query (for example, the protein symbols (a) Wnt-1 or (b) LEF-1), all the sentences mentioning the name are retrieved from PubMed. These sentences also contain mentions of other proteins, which are highlighted and which might show associations with the query protein (see the magnified area in (b)). Functional terms (such as 'target' and 'complexes' and interaction verbs (such as 'activated' and 'stabilizes') are in bold. (c) By clicking on the 'Gene model' link in the left panel in (a,b), interaction networks of proteins that co-occur in sentences with the query proteins can be displayed.

Krallinger and Valencia Genome Biology 2005 6:224   doi:10.1186/gb-2005-6-7-224
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