Figure 3.

Predicted bacterial SECIS elements in representative sequences of some new selenoprotein families. Only sequences downstream of in-frame UGA codons are shown. In-frame UGA codons and conserved guanosines in the apical loop are shown in red. AhpD-like protein, AACY01418594; Arsenate reductase, AACY01238341; Glutaredoxin, AACY01002222; DsbA-like protein, AACY01178397; Hypothetical protein 1, AACY01574522; Rhodanase-related sulfurtransferase, AACY01016424; OsmC-like protein, AACY01145085; DsrE-like protein, AACY01486889.

Zhang et al. Genome Biology 2005 6:R37   doi:10.1186/gb-2005-6-4-r37
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