Figure 3.

Rank orders of che-2::PABP/acr-5::PABP values for specific genes in the microarray analyses. (a) Distribution of genes with known expression patterns. Genes known to be specifically expressed in sensory neurons, motor neurons, muscles or the intestine, respectively, were collected from WormBase (see Materials and methods) and the rank orders of their che-2::PABP/acr-5::PABP signal ratios were plotted. Vertical bars indicate the medians. Genes expressed in sensory neurons are specifically enriched in the che-2::PABP RNA preparations, while motor neuron- and intestine-expressed genes are enriched in the acr-5::PABP RNA preparations. Note that although only five genes were found as motor neuron-expressed genes, nine data points were plotted in (a), because multiple cDNA clones were present on the microarray for three of the genes (see Additional data file 2). (b) Distribution of genes with X-boxes in their promoter regions. Genes that carry one or more X-boxes in their promoter regions were collected from the genome database (see Materials and methods) and their rank orders of che-2::PABP/acr-5::PABP signal ratios were plotted. These genes, which are expected to be expressed in ciliated sensory neurons under the control of the DAF-19 transcription factor, are also enriched in the che-2::PABP RNA preparations.

Kunitomo et al. Genome Biology 2005 6:R17   doi:10.1186/gb-2005-6-2-r17
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