Figure 6.

Extended alignment of the vertebrate IRG proteins. Individual sequences are given in full and are labeled as in Figure 5. Unusual residues in the G1 motif are highlighted (M of the GMS proteins in green and two deviant residues in the zebrafish irgq sequences in pink). The essential structural relationship between IRG genes and quasi-IRG genes is apparent in the alignment despite the modified G-domains. For mouse and human IRGQ the long carboxyl-terminal coding exons that contain the p47 homology were used for the alignment. In human IRGQ the sequence ENPKGESLKNAGGGGLENALSKGREKCSAGSQKAGSGEGP was removed from the alignment between positions 210 and 211 (highlighted in turquoise) to prevent extensive gap formation. The position of the intron present in pufferfish and zebrafish irgf genes is indicated by two adjacent residues highlighted in blue.

Bekpen et al. Genome Biology 2005 6:R92   doi:10.1186/gb-2005-6-11-r92
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