Figure 4.

Amino acid alignment of the mouse Irg GTPases. Sequences of all 23 mouse Irg GTPases showing the close homology extending to the carboxyl-terminus, aligned on the known secondary structure of Irga6 (indicated in blue above sequence alignment). The sequences of notional products of the two pseudo-genes Irga5 and Irgb7 have been partially reconstructed; premature terminations are indicated by red highlighting. In the C57BL/6 mouse the sequence of the Irga8 gene is damaged by an adenine insertion, indicated by the red highlighted K at position 204. (The sequence given after this point is that given after correcting the frameshift, and is identical to that of the CZECHII [Mus musculus musculus] sequence BC023105 that lacks the extra adenine.) The turquoise-highlighted M in M1 and M2 are initiation codons that are dependent on alternative splicing (also see Figure 2a); the unusual methionine residues in the G1 motif of GMS proteins are highlighted in green. The blue background Q residue of Irgb5 and Irgb2 at positions 405 and 396 indicate the point at which tandem splicing occurs to Irgb4 and Irgb1, respectively. Canonical GTPase motifs are indicated by red boxes.

Bekpen et al. Genome Biology 2005 6:R92   doi:10.1186/gb-2005-6-11-r92
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