Figure 5.

Gene expression in functional categories related to energy metabolism in aspen leaves during autumn senescence. Black, green and blue lines show profiles for the individual clones and red lines the averages for the respective categories. (a) Electron-transport proteins of photosynthesis. Blue lines, transcripts in the photosystem I (PSI) reaction center complex subclass; green lines, transcripts in the PSII reaction center complex subclass. (b) Rubisco (rbcS) and Calvin cycle. Blue and green lines, duplicate clones of the two rbcS genes. (c) Photorespiration. (d) Oxidation of fatty acids. (e) Glycolysis and gluconeogenesis. (f) Tricarboxylic acid pathway. (g) Pentose-phosphate pathway. (h) Mitochondrial electron transport and membrane-associated energy conservation.

Andersson et al. Genome Biology 2004 5:R24  
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