Figure 4.

Use of the GOToolBox programs in the PRODISTIN framework. (a) Flowchart of the programs used in the PRODISTIN pipeline. The 'Dataset creation' program and GO-Diet are used to generate a slimmed protein annotation file in a suitable format (tlf). This tlf file can be used as input both for PRODISTIN and for the tree-visualization program TreeDyn (not shown in the figure). In a second step, when functional classes have been generated by PRODISTIN, the GO-Stats tool allows the evaluation of the relevance of the class annotation term. (b) Histograms showing the distribution of the relevance values for the 79 classes issued from PRODISTIN (probability is described in the Features section).

Martin et al. Genome Biology 2004 5:R101   doi:10.1186/gb-2004-5-12-r101
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