Figure 3.

Comparison between consensus clustering and pairwise clustering. The weighted-kappa score for consensus clustering (solid line) calculated by comparing consensus clusters to the corresponding individual clustering algorithm is shown relative to mean pairwise weighted-kappa score for each single method compared to all other single methods (broken line) for (a) the ASC dataset, (b) the B-cell lymphoma dataset. The maximum and minimum weighted-kappa scores for the collection of single methods are indicated by the error bars. The definitions of weighted-kappa scores are derived from Table 1. The parameter settings for the clustering algorithms are: HC and PAM, 13 clusters for the ASC dataset and 40 for the B-cell dataset; CAST, affinity level 0.5; and SA, θ0 = 100, c = 0.99994 and number of iterations = 1,000,000.

Swift et al. Genome Biology 2004 5:R94   doi:10.1186/gb-2004-5-11-r94
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