Figure 2.

A phylogenetic tree of HMGRs. The tree includes 98 selected organisms that have hmgr genes; for plants, which have multiple isoforms, only isoform 1 of each species is included in the tree. Roman numerals indicate the division of the family into two classes [2,3]. Phylogenetic analysis was performed using aligned amino-acid sequences of HMGR catalytic domains; membrane anchor domains were excluded from analysis. Amino-acid sequence alignments were generated using ClustalW [23] and the phylogenetic tree constructed with TreeTop [24] using the cluster algorithm with PHYLIP tree-type output. Full species names and GenBank accession numbers of the sequences used are provided in Table 1.

Friesen and Rodwell Genome Biology 2004 5:248   doi:10.1186/gb-2004-5-11-248
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