Figure 1.

GoMiner displays for microarray gene-expression data on prostate cancer cell line DU145 and a subline (RC0.1) selected for resistance to a topoisomerase 1 inhibitor. (a) Tree-like display showing underexpressed genes (green down-arrows), overexpressed genes (red up-arrows), and unchanged genes (gray circles) in the GO 'Apoptosis Regulator' category and its subcategories. The blue number indicates a 2.4-fold enrichment of changed genes in this category. The p-value (Fisher's exact) indicates that, despite this degree of enrichment, the small total number of genes (14) in this category prevents statistical significance. (b) Dynamically generated SVG graphic of the 'Biological Process' DAG with genes in the GO 'Apoptosis Regulator' category opened in a pull-down list by mousing-over. Categories enriched more than 1.5-fold with flagged genes are color-coded red; those depleted more than 1.5-fold are blue. The rest of the categories are gray.

Zeeberg et al. Genome Biology 2003 4:R28   doi:10.1186/gb-2003-4-4-r28