Figure 2.

The MAPPFinder browser. (a) The branch of the GO hierarchy rooted at the biological process term 'RNA processing' is shown. The terms are colored with the MAPPFinder results for genes significantly increased in the 12.5-day embryo versus the adult mice. Terms with 0-5% of genes changed are colored black, 5-15% purple, 15-25% dark blue, 25-35% light blue, 35-45% green, 45-55% orange, and greater than 55% red. The term RNA processing is highlighted in yellow, indicating that it meets the search or filter requirements. (b) The MAPPFinder results. The term RNA processing is shown with the various MAPPFinder results labeled. The percentage of genes meeting the criterion and the percentage of genes in GO measured in this experiment are calculated. The results are calculated for both this node individually and in combination with all of its child nodes (that is, nested results). The z score indicates whether the number of genes meeting the criterion is higher or lower than expected. A positive score indicates that more genes are changed than expected; a negative score means fewer genes are changed than expected, and a score near 0 indicates that the number of changes approximates to the expected value for that GO term.

Doniger et al. Genome Biology 2003 4:R7   doi:10.1186/gb-2003-4-1-r7