Figure 7.

Correlation matrix, lymphoma dataset. Images of the correlation matrix for the 81 B-CLL, FL, and DLBCL samples based on expression profiles for (a) all p = 4,682 genes and (b) the p = 100 genes with the largest variance. The mRNA samples are ordered by class, first B-CLL (blue), then FL (orange), and finally DLBCL (magenta). Correlations of zero are represented in black, increasingly positive correlations are represented with reds of increasing intensity, and increasingly negative correlations are represented with greens of increasing intensity. The color bar below the images can be used for calibration purposes.

Dudoit and Fridlyand Genome Biology 2002 3:research0036.1-research0036.21   doi:10.1186/gb-2002-3-7-research0036