Figure 3.

Comparison of WGS3 and Release 2 sequence assemblies of the rolled region. (a) Genomic organization of the rolled gene. Exons are shown as black boxes numbered 1 to 7, and introns are shown by the thin black line. All exons are present in a single WGS3 scaffold; exons 4 and 7 are absent from Release 2. (b) Thirteen Release 2 sequence scaffolds are shown as red bars. Thick portions of bars show regions aligned to WGS3, and thin portions show unaligned regions corresponding to sequence gaps. Scaffolds are labeled with the GenBank accession numbers, all of which begin 'AE00' and end in the indicated four digits: for example, AE003202. (c) The 252-kb WGS3 heterochromatic sequence scaffold 211000022279977 (Scaffold 79977), shown by the blue bar, links the 13 Release 2 scaffolds. The thin portions of the bar represent sequence gaps.

Hoskins et al. Genome Biology 2002 3:research0085.1-0085.16   doi:10.1186/gb-2002-3-12-research0085