Figure 3.

Release 2 annotations CG14409 and Flo-2 (CG11547) were merged to create an expanded Flo-2 (CG32593) gene model. Only evidence (black panel) directly used to annotate the gene model (cyan panel) is shown. Alignments of ESTs and cDNA sequence reads (light green) and an assembled full-insert cDNA clone sequence (dark green) support the merger of the Release 2 annotation CG14409 (light blue) and the adjacent gene, Flo-2 (light blue), on the X chromosome. The expanded Release 3 Flo-2 annotation (dark blue) was assigned the new annotation number CG32593 to reflect this significant change. Predicted exons derived from a single cDNA clone are joined by thin horizontal lines, indicating introns. Predicted exons not so joined derive from different cDNA clones. Distance along the chromosome arm is shown in the scale at the bottom; the scale is black to denote the location of these annotations on the plus strand. Although the lowermost two transcripts appear to be duplications of other transcripts, they contain a slight variation in their 5' exon that is not visible at the scale used in this figure.

Misra et al. Genome Biology 2002 3:research0083.1-0083.22   doi:10.1186/gb-2002-3-12-research0083