Figure 3.

Genetic organization of the putative AG biosynthetic cluster in M. tuberculosis [23] and identification of a similar cluster in M. leprae and C. diphtheriae. The M. tuberculosis genes are represented by a letter (A-AC), along with an Rv number or a gene name as annotated in the SangerCentre M. tuberculosis database [4]. Genes D, E, F, G, P and R (asterisked) are absent from both M. leprae and C. diphtheriae. In C. diphtheriae, homologs of genes S-AC and A-M were found on two different contigs (represented here as I and II). M. leprae fadE35 (Q; dotted arrow) is a pseudogene.

Vissa and Brennan Genome Biology 2001 2:reviews1023.1-reviews1023.8   doi:10.1186/gb-2001-2-8-reviews1023