Figure 2.

The structure of syntaxin and a syntaxin-containing SNARE complex. (a) A graphical output of the analysis with the COILS program [16] of syntaxin 1A, for potential coiled-coil-forming regions. A window size of 21 residues was used. (b) Schematic representation of the structure of syntaxin 1A, illustrating both the linear domain arrangement (upper diagram) and the coiled-coil domains (blue) with spatial relevance to one another (lower diagram). N, amino terminus; C, carboxyl terminus. (c) Schematic representation of the four-helical bundle structure of the core fusion complex formed by syntaxin 1A (blue), synaptobrevin/VAMP (red) and SNAP-25 (green) at the presynaptic plasma membrane.

Teng et al. Genome Biology 2001 2:reviews3012.1-reviews3012.7   doi:10.1186/gb-2001-2-11-reviews3012