Figure 1.

The BXN map of the mouse genome. The full data table is available in several formats (graphic, text, and Map Manager QTX) as Additional data files and at [30]. Column definitions from left to right: Chr, chromosome assignment based on BXN data set. Our assignments differ in a number of cases from those of the Chromosome Committees' Reports. Locus, an abbreviated version of the locus symbol. To improve legibility we have truncated D1MitNN to D1M NN. CCRcM, the position of the locus given in the most recent chromosome committee reports (2000 or 2001). MIT, the position of the locus given in databases at the Whitehead Institute. BXN, position computed from the current RI data set adjusted for map expansion. GenoM, whole-genome position in morgans with a 5 cM buffer (0.05 M) between chromosomes. This GenoM column can be used to construct whole-genome LOD score plots.

Williams et al. Genome Biology 2001 2:research0046.1-research0046.18   doi:10.1186/gb-2001-2-11-research0046