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Analysis of microarray expression data

Paul Kellam

Genome Biology 2000, 1:reports226  doi:10.1186/gb-2000-1-1-reports226

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Received:28 November 1999
Published:17 March 2000

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Detailed descriptions of the design and information content of EBI's database ArrayExpress, which is currently under development but aims to be a public repository of gene expression data, are the main feature of this site. It also contains a collection of web resources and pointers to information focused around microarray technologies and data mining. There are also links to the EBI's prototype microarray analysis tools called Expression Profiler developed by Jaak Vilo (EBI, UK). Using these tools it is possible to analyze existing microarray expression datasets and upstream non-coding sequences of corresponding genes.


Navigation is easy from the introduction page and there are clear links to the main resources of the site within this page. From these, jump-off points are well described and easy to follow.

Reporter's comments


Last modified on 11 August 1999.

Best feature

The major use of the site in its present form is to provide current links and detailed information on the use and analysis of microarrays and the future development of the EBI's gene expression database. This it does extremely well, and it is an excellent starting place for individuals wanting to begin microarray research.

Worst feature

The most frustrating feature is not being able to upload your own datasets into Expression Profiler at this stage of its development.

Wish list

The large datasets used in this sort of research will need a powerful server for the use of Expression Profiler. It would also be good if components of the Expression Profiler system could be downloaded to run on local machines for more 'array intensive' laboratories.

Related websites

Further information on microarray data analysis can be found at Expression Profiler, The microarray project and Patrick Brown's laboratory homepage.

Table of links

Assumptions made about all sites unless otherwise specified:
The site is free, in English and no registration is required. It is relatively quick to download, can be navigated by an 'intermediate' user, and no problems with connection were found. The site does not stipulate that any particular browser be used and no special software/plug-ins are required to view the site. There are relatively few gratuitous images and each page has its own URL, allowing it to be bookmarked.