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Linked graphical maps of major signal transduction pathways

Iain Gilfillan

Genome Biology 2000, 1:reports219  doi:10.1186/gb-2000-1-1-reports219

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Received:15 November 1999
Published:17 March 2000

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The signaling pathway database is an integrated database that links signal transduction systems to genetic information. Signaling pathways initiated in response to various categories of extracellular molecules are illustrated diagrammatically, with each component of the graphic being clickable and linked to protein and nucleic acid sequence. Some proteins are also linked to structure and/or function details and other relevant information.


It is relatively easy to navigate the site, although not all pages have a 'back to' link. External links are extensive, and the site offers searches of external databases such as GenBank and SWISS-PROT for the protein you are reading about. There are a few broken external links, however. A search facility is under construction.

Reporter's comments


The site was last updated 16 October 1999.

Best feature

Fully clickable, graphic maps are linked to relevant sequence, structure and/or function information and external databases are automatically searched for sequence information.

Wish list

A site map would be a benefit and the search facility will add greatly to the site. Both of these would ease access to specific information on a given protein without having to go though the relevant pathway image.

Related websites

More on signaling molecules can be found at CANSITE and Cell signaling networks database.

Table of links

Assumptions made about all sites unless otherwise specified:
The site is free, in English and no registration is required. It is relatively quick to download, can be navigated by an 'intermediate' user, and no problems with connection were found. The site does not stipulate that any particular browser be used and no special software/plug-ins are required to view the site. There are relatively few gratuitous images and each page has its own URL, allowing it to be bookmarked.