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Biological and genetic information about the laboratory mouse

Matthew Betts

Genome Biology 2000, 1:reports218  doi:10.1186/gb-2000-1-1-reports218

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Received:12 November 1999
Published:17 March 2000

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A wealth of resources related to the genetics and biology of the mouse can be accessed via this site. The two main components are the Mouse Genome Database (MGD) and the Genome Expression Database (GXD). The MGD contains information about genetic markers, molecular segments, phenotypes and mapping, and provides graphical displays of genetic, physical and cytogenetic maps. The GXD integrates available expression data. The data can be searched in many different ways, from simple searches of gene names to searches using phenotype class, polymorphisms and strains. Searches can be as specific as desired, which ensures their use for a wide variety of research purposes. There are also pages that explain and link to the origin of the data, that detail progression of the mouse genome sequencing project, and allow submission of data.


All searches are directly accessible from the main page and from a simple menu button at the top of each page. There are many different ways of restricting each search by field type, all of which are linked to pages that explain their effects on the search results, giving a high level of control and predictability to the user. As all information can be accessed from several different starting points, it is easy to find

Reporter's comments


The site is updated daily.

Best feature

Searches can be controlled to a large degree, and there are explanations of how these search controls affect the results.

Related websites

The Trans-NIH mouse initiative site provides information on the Mouse Genomics and Genetics Resources Coordinating Group at NIH.

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