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Mammary glands explained

Bryony Wiseman

Genome Biology 2000, 1:reports206  doi:10.1186/gb-2000-1-1-reports206

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Received:19 October 1999
Published:17 March 2000

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A great site for anyone interested in breast cancer or mammary gland development - beginners and experienced researchers alike. There are detailed figures and reviews on mammary development and tumorigenesis, a detailed summary of transgenic mice and their mammary gland phenotypes, a histology atlas of cancerous and normal breast tissue and detailed methods of relevant techniques, including video clips of mouse mammary surgical techniques (these require the QuickTime plug-in).


Navigation is easy, with a home page icon on each page. The search engine searches review articles but not everything on the site.

Reporter's comments


The last update of anything I found was a meeting announcement placed in July 1999, and now out of date. More importantly, this site lacks updates on current developments in the field. It is disappointing that a site started with evident enthusiasm in 1996 seems no longer kept up to date.

Best feature

The general reviews, the techniques section (especially the surgery clips), and the histology atlas are extremely useful.

Worst feature

There is no mention of the most recent transgenic mouse models and no good indication of how recently the review articles were written.

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The site is free, in English and no registration is required. It is relatively quick to download, can be navigated by an 'intermediate' user, and no problems with connection were found. The site does not stipulate that any particular browser be used and no special software/plug-ins are required to view the site. There are relatively few gratuitous images and each page has its own URL, allowing it to be bookmarked.